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    LOST LIT was first conceptualized from the idea of combining my inherent sense of lostness (with identity, with place, with home) and my love for literature (the reading, the writing, the story of it all). But the structure, the nuts and bolts of how to take the feeling of fully being acknowledged as a writer came after taking my very first Amherst Writers & Artists workshop. When I arrived to a cozy San Francisco apartment filled with the smell of hazelnut coffee and chocolate brownies, I was a closeted writer. I’d been writing since I was eight years old and even though there was no doubt that writing was my true passion, my writing self-esteem was practically non-existent. It had been beaten out of me by my practical mother and by one undergraduate professor who insinuated that because I was so young (18-19yrs old), with no life experience, I had nothing worthy to say. But on an October day at my first AWA workshop, I was reborn. As a prompt, we were taken to Golden Gate Park and asked to let what ever catches our eyes, our nose, our ears—to take us where we need to go. We had twenty minutes to write in the sanctity of nature. And I wrote this piece about trying to understand grief and my mother’s death. As I read, I cried (and was mortified since my mother never approved of crying). But with loving feedback and the shock of seeing a few people tear up from my words—it freed me from the shame of tears and sadness. The AWA method gave me an entry back into my writing. And proved to me how a safe environment with supportive, positive feedback can heal the most damaged writer’s soul.

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    ABOUT Lynne
    Lynne Connor always felt lost. Maybe her compass was thrown out of whack when a big metal plane flew from South Korea to the Philly airport and gave birth to her into the waiting arms of her white, independent, single by choice mother. She grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey and tried to find home in Asheville, North Carolina, New York City and the San Francisco bay area. She received her M.F.A. in Creative Non-Fiction from Mills College and has been published in Mom Egg Review, Gazillion Voices Magazine, Kartika Review, Adoption Today Magazine, as well as Pact’s POV Newsletters. Currently, Lynne has a love hate relationship with her untitled memoir and hopes to return to her YA fiction manuscript that’s been patiently waiting for attention. In the meantime, Lynne is a certified Amherst Writers & Artists affiliate leading creative writing workshops through Lost Lit. She resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, Grumpy Bert, furry son Remy-the-Pug and toddlers Emmy and Rainey.