Lost Lit | Creative Writing Workshops | Brooklyn, NY


In addition to writing workshops and events, Lost Lit also offers private one-on-one consultations for writers. I’ll work together with you to reach your writing goals. Whether you’re just starting out and need advice on how to embed writing into your daily life. Or you need help organizing a work in progress project that feels lost. Or perhaps you just want an hour to vent about how hard it is to be a writer, how much you hate the novel that you can’t break up with or how frustrating the publishing world is. Whatever your specific need, each consultation can be designed by you with 2 small caveats:

    *I can only be helpful in tackling fiction and creative non fiction. Poetry is beyond my realm (but I’d be happy to refer you to some great poets).

    *Also, my strength in feedback and notes have to do with the big picture and structural layout rather than copy editing, grammatical nitty gritty details.

If interested, email: lynne (at) lostlit.com.

Please note that all consultations will be held at:

    Grumpy Bert
    82 Bond St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11217

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