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Rough Draft Workshop

    LOST LIT is thrilled to offer the brand new Rough Draft Workshop. This will combine what happens in the Get Lit Workshop (prompt writing) and the Works-In-Progress Workshop (manuscript critique) into a combo experience of sorts. As far as levels of progression, it’s the next step up from the Get Lit Workshop, but not as intensive and advanced as the Works-In-Progress Workshop.

    How does it Work?
    In this workshop, you will be submitting, in advance, a writing project that would benefit from honest critique and feedback from fellow writers. In a five week session, the first meeting is meant for proper introductions as writers, as well as our intended rough drafts. Lots of talking, getting to know you’s and workshop schedule sign ups. The following 1 to 2 weeks, we will do some prompt writing, as well as talk out problems specific to each person’s story. In Weeks 3/4-5, we will workshop 2 writers per session. At home, the group reads the submissions and writes a 1pg letter of critique to each writer. Then during the workshop date, the 2 writers up to bat will each get up to 55min of verbal feedback/ critique time. Each person will have their writing “workshopped” once. Scheduling will depend on the number of participants. The minimum size of the workshop will be 4 writers, the max 6 writers.

    What can I submit?
    Each writer must submit a rough draft of a writing project in the genre of Fiction (short story or novel excerpt) or Creative Non-Fiction (personal essay or memoir except). Sorry no poetry. Submissions must meet a minimum of 5 pages long but no more than 15 pages max. Submissions will be emailed as an attachment to the group, every Thursday night by 11:59pm, the week before the writer is workshopped.

    How do I register?
    Since the success of this type of workshop is solely dependent on the commitment and seriousness of the participants, as well as personality chemistry, Lynne will need to communicate with you through email to make sure you’d be a good fit. There are no prerequisites, but a finished draft of your first story submission must be complete a week prior to your scheduled workshop date.

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