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Grief Writing Workshop

    We’re so excited to be offering The Grief Writing Workshop. You can read in the About section how Lynne, the owner/ facilitator of Lost Lit found her writing voice thanks to the Amherst Writers & Artists method. But it was because of her overwhelming grief over the death of her mother (back in 2005) that writing saved her. It pulled her out of the dark black hole of hopelessness. With this workshop, Lynne hopes to help other writers process and make sense of their own grief that feels personal and singular, yet is one of the most universal experiences that we’ll all go through.

    What to Expect?
    By using the Amherst Writers & Artists method, you’ll be guided through prompts that will specifically address the various emotions of Grief. At every step, whether with sharing or giving feedback, you decide your own pacing and comfort level. This workshop is specifically meant to help writers who have experienced a significant loss of a loved one. How you choose to define loss and grief is up to you and meant to be interpreted broadly. There is also no timeline or expiration date on how soon or how long ago your loss occurred. Please also note, while there is no denying the healing and theraputic benefits of writing, this is not meant to be therapy in the Clinical sense. The focus will always stay on the art of writing.