Lost Lit | Creative Writing Workshops | Brooklyn, NY

Get Lit Workshop

    The Get Lit Workshop is the beating heart of Lost Lit. It is designed to be the most supportive, nonjudgmental, non-intimidating workshop experience you’ll ever have. For beginning or shy writers, it is the best entry into writing. For the advanced, damaged, stuck or dormant writers, it will remind you why you write in the first place. It will make you fall in love with your own writing, again.

    What to Expect?
    Using the Amherst Writers & Artists method, you’ll be guided through the tumultuous, yet thrilling waters of finding your voice and telling the story you need to tell. Through prompts that’s meant to tap into one or more of the five senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, smell), we’ll write free-style for a timed amount of time. We’ll come back together as a group and voluntarily share our writing aloud. We’ll respond and give feedback in only a positive, supportive manner, since everything written is considered raw, fresh and fragile. We also treat all writing like fiction, which protects the writer, as well as the writing. Depending on the size of the group (minimum 6, max 13), we usually have time to go 2 rounds. By the end of the night, you’ll walk away with lots of your own writing.
    How Do I Register?
    The Get Lit workshop will always happen. It’s pretty popular and I’ve had to turn people away once we hit the max seating (12 writers). It’s also the most open and general as far as non-thematic, non-genre specific writing goes. Even though we produce and share in a group setting, it’s really between the writer and the page. But honestly, no matter how much I try to describe the magic that happens in the workshop, it really won’t make sense until you’ve experienced it.