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Lost Lit Goodbye Home Announcement

    Dear Lost Lit Friends,
    This is a difficult letter to write because I have never handled goodbyes well. But after almost six years of offering writing workshops in Grumpy Bert’s belly, we are closing shop. Our shop lease is up. Our landlords have been kind enough to already give us a year extension, so this isn’t an evil landlord story. They plan to do their own thing in the space. However, this means we have to say goodbye to what we considered home.

    When Albert and I moved into 82 Bond St, in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn in October of 2012, we signed a 5year shop lease that felt more scary than getting married. Our biggest responsibility was our 1 1/2 year old Pug. Then what felt like lightening speed, we got married, we had our first baby, Emmy and then our second baby Rainey. As our personal family grew, so did our business family-Albert with Grumpy Bert artists and me with Lost Lit writers.

    Honestly, I couldn’t be more proud of what I’ve accomplished over the years. I envisioned running writing workshops in the AWA method and having writers fall in love with their writing. Check. I wanted to offer workshops on topics that were personally important to me-Grief writing and Adoption writing. Check. I heard the need for longer format, traditional style manuscript critique workshops and answered the call. Check.

    I dreamed of hosting literary readings and events to fully take advantage of our beautiful space. Check. And so. the personal and professional lines blurred, and we just became a huge, extended, creative community of artists and writers we simply thought of as family.

    Grumpy Bert and Lost Lit are looking for new spaces, maybe combined, maybe separate, since we aren’t ready to say a final, real goodbye. We don’t know what the future holds. We can’t give concrete details like date, time or place (something I always stress to my writers about). But we do know we have to move out by the end of May. I’ve already wrapped the last Lost Lit workshops in the space. Grumpy Bert will be open on a limited basis during the weekdays and this weekend is the very last one. We’re having a 40% discount on most items and need to sell furniture and home decor accessories. CLICK HERE to view the big ticket items. Please come by and help us clear out.

    Very soon I’m hoping to be able to announce the next workshop dates and location. Maybe for the summer, but definitely in time for a fall session! Thank you all for your love and support. Lost Lit would be nothing without you. 

    With deepest gratitude,

Author: lostlit

Owner of Lost Lit, offering writing workshops for Grief, Adoption and General audiences in Brooklyn, NY.

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