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Lost Lit’s NEW Logo!

Lost Lit_final Logo_RGB Dun-dun-de-dunnnn! Here she is–Lost Lit’s new logo. Isn’t she absolutely…beautiful? I’m still in awe and wonderment at the whole design process. I worked with the dynamic married couple duo of Samantha and Owen Troy of Design Des Troy. They’re based in San Francisco but with email it was effortless to work together. From the beginning, all I knew was that Lost Lit needed a logo that in one glimpse captured it’s identity, it’s heartbeat, its soul. I gave Samantha and Owen a long rambly soliloquy of what I considered Lost Lit to be. I talked about the image of the card catalog capturing the feeling I was going for–very nostalgic, an honoring of the past and things that may seem lost: memories, feelings, stories but through my writing workshops I hoped to bring them to light. To free them from the darkness. And to truly celebrate voices that were waiting and needing to be heard. Then I threw in my design aesthetic (that I picked up from all my hours of watching HGTV)–Vintage/ French Country/ Hollywood Regency with a touch of Contemporary and a smidge of Industrial. I was very clear on what I didn’t want: no images of books, typewriters, pens, hand writing with pen. Basically I didn’t want to rely on over wrought, abused images that are usually associated with literature and writing. I didn’t want to be a cliche. What I couldn’t articulate was exactly what I DID want. A clear design direction. I was lost in Lost Lit’s own visual identity. But with the help of Samantha and Owen, we turned a conceptual, muddied feeling into something concrete. Something attainable. A work of art really. And I can’t tell you how proud I feel every time I look at the Lost Lit logo. I am eternally grateful to Samantha and Owen for their patience, guidance and design genius. If you are looking for help with your own logo or any aspect of your business identity (from business cards, signage, etc) or in your personal life (from wedding invitations to baby announcements), you get the picture–I can’t sing their praises loud enough! Their website is: http://design.des-troy.com and their twitter handle is @designdestroy.

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Owner of Lost Lit, offering writing workshops for Grief, Adoption and General audiences in Brooklyn, NY.

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