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Remy the Pug-the gift that keeps giving


This is our son Remy, a 19th month old pug, who’s also been called, crazy, trouble and “is he ALWAYS like that?” If you’ve come to the Grumpy Bert shop when he’s in, enough said. We’re hoping that he’ll calm down or somehow manage to train him to be a good boy (which ever comes first) so he’ll become the true shop dog that we dreamed of.

Remy is the gift that keeps giving in our life. With the holiday season in full swing, if you’re still searching for the perfect gift for yourself or a writer in your life, a GIFT CARD to a Lost Lit workshop might just be the answer. Gift cards are available to cover 1 workshop session or an 8-week combo session. I hope you’ll consider it. Remy and I would love to have you.

Author: lostlit

Owner of Lost Lit, offering writing workshops for Grief, Adoption and General audiences in Brooklyn, NY.

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